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Olive oil production line

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We can supply all machines for olive oil production:

Prior to processing, olives are cleaned to remove leaves, bits of branches, stones, soil, and other impurities. Then a mash is produced by crushing the olives and the olive stones. This mash is  conveyed to the malaxer or kneading mill. Through malaxing, the oil is released from the oil cells by which it is encapsulated. The malaxing procedure is critical for oil yield and oil quality. The influencing parameters are holding time and temperature. Then the mash is pumped to the DECANTER (2-phase) or TRICANTER (3-phase) for separation. In the TRICANTER (3-phase), the mash is separated into oil, fruit water and solids, i.e. olive stone debris and pulp. On the way to the TRICANTER, dilution water is added to the feed in order to fluidize the mash. In the 2-phase process, the mash is separated into oil as liquid phase and solid phase (pomace) consisting of olive stone debris, pulp and fruit water.


The oil from the DECANTER or TRICANTER is then polished using a disc stack centrifuge, which separates the residual amount of water and solid impurities to obtain a clean oil. In the 3-phase process, a second disc stack centrifuge is used to recover the residual oil from the water phase.

SZ horizontal screw centrifuge is a new type of three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge mainly suitable for three phase separation of Olive oil.and also applicable to three phase separation of liquid-liquid-solid from the palm oil,fish oil,coconut oil and so on.

This centrifuge can continuously produce with a high production capacity and small energy consumption per unit,but also has the best separation effect,minimum material loss,most convenient operation and most economical installation and maintenance costs,the new light and heavy liquid phase distribution devices and reliable labyrinth seal structure are used to achieve the best oil and water separation,the advanced slag-discharge structure is also used to achieve the continuous and smooth solid phase slag discharge avoiding the occurrence of blocking materials ,while eliminating solid phase and water mixing in downtime.

The centrifuge adopts double variable-frequency stepless speed regulation for start and speed control with simple debugging and high adaptability.

The centrifuge is a high-speed rotating machine subjected to accurate dynamic balance calibration to small vibration,longer operating time and reliable and safe operation.

This type of centrifuge is designed,manufactured and accepted in accordance with the standard JB/T502-2004 “Screw discharging and setting centrifuge”

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