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Sunflower oil filling and sealing line

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I、Whole line overview


Production line workflow:


Saving Tank   Rotary cover machine


Bottle---Filling machine---cover press ---Label machine---Automatic inkjet printer---Output


Automatic Flowmeter filling Machine

Product profile

Linear Flowmeter filling machine is an automatic filling equipment, widely used in various low-viscosity liquids such as edible oil, lubricating oil and other liquid high-precision quantitative filling.


1High precision Roots Flowmeter with high precision pulse encoder, Taiwan Delta Programmable Controller PLC and Taiwan Willen touch screen terminal, the filling process is accurate and reliable.

2All English color man-machine control interface, set the equipment parameters intuitively, simple and convenient;

3The filling head is equipped with an independent vacuum suction device, and the grease of the filling nozzle is recovered uniformly.

4Speed and slow double speed filling, filling process is not bubbling, material is not overflow;

5The electric fittings adopt the famous brand, the operation is stable, durable

6Conveyer belt can be operated by double rail separation, filling, pressure cap separate and independent, high efficiency

Rotary cover machine

Product profile

This equipment is suitable for automatic cap and cover of glass bottle such as canned, beverage, seasoning, jam and so on.

ZWLXG series capping machine performance is ahead of the same industry level, because of its high accuracy, high adaptability, high performance, by food manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, chemical enterprises and other enterprises.



(1)Can pack different bottles with capping, and has the function of fine adjustment


(2) This machine can be operated on a single machine, and can also be used with the whole line.

(4) This machine automatic cover, automatic hanging cover, automatic rotary cover, combined

with other original can be controlled without bottle cap no action

Label Machine:

Product profile

This equipment adopts PLC microcomputer control, can preset and save 50 groups of labeling parameters, the mechanical structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and fast, the marking is controlled by servo motor, the label is scraped out by scraper, the sponge roller is pressed tight.Imported frequency converter control, so that the bid, roll mark, pressure mark, the speed of bottle feeding synchronized, no bubble generated. Suitable for all kinds of cylinder bottles, square bottles, flat bottles and other bottles.


(1)Automatic bottling, servo drive sticker, spongy roll extrusion, synchronous control of each speed, accurate labeling

(2)Automatic photoelectric tracking, no object no label, automatic detection, intelligent control;

3)、The equipment material adopts stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy, accords with GMP production standard, the whole structure is firm, beautiful and generous;

4)、Applicable to a wide range of bottle type, as long as it is round can stand most of the bottle type in general use.


Automatic inkjet printer

Equipment description

Automatic inkjet printer is a high-tech product which uses charged ink particles and has the principle of high-voltage electric field deflection. It is widely used in food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, auto parts processing industry, wire and cable industry, tobacco and wine industry, etc. It can be used for printing production date, batch number, bar code and trademarks, anti-counterfeiting marks and Chinese characters. Is carries out the sanitation law and promotes the packing modernization the powerful equipment.



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