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SS three-column discharge centrifuge

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Description Of   SS Filter Centrifuge  

This type of machine consists of casing, bowl, pedestal, under-chassis, suspension bar, damping spring , ingredient plate driving part, clutch ,and auto brake parts. The motor sends the power to the bowl by spuring clutch through trigonal belt and makes the bowl rotate around its own axis at a high speed to form centrifuge force. The material enters into the bowl from the top and distributes onto the bowl’s wall. The liquid phase is filtered out from the filter hole of the bowl through screen mesh. Solid phase material would be left behind in the bowl. After machine stops, it would be discharged manually from the top.

Applications Of Product

Type SS three-column discharge centrifuge, a kind of filtering centrifuges for manual power bottom discharging and batch filtering, is adapted for separating suspension with solid particles not less than 0.01mm, such as grain, crystal or fabric, as well as for dewatering (such as yarns, textile). This series centrifuge has simple structure, so it is easy to operate. Every working procedure may be regulated on demand. The filter residue can be sufficiently washed and the solid particles are not easy to break. Adaptability is another feature. Therefore, this machine is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, spinning, food, pharmacy, metallurgy, mine, rare earth, environment protection and so on. 


1.       Reasonable structure ,sanitation dead can be effectualy cleared. The hardware is smooth, surface be polished .Outer hardware ,fastener and rotation drum are adopted to stainless steel. Outer shell is open-top type, then radically clean the inside drum.

2.       Open the top, there are feeding pipe, wash pipe, observation mirror and light.
3.       Simple structure, easily maintenance.
4.       Strong universal ,wide applied. It can be used in separating granulated suspension, also can be used in separating fibor.
5.       It uses starting device of frequency changer, steadily start, the separated factor can be adjusted. non-contact dynamic braking system; Anti-static belt driving; Sealing structure, the seal material is silicone rubber or fluororubber. It can match your explosion-proof demand.
6.       Assembling nitrogen protection system, make sure to separat the inner chamber of centrifuge from outside air.
7.       The grain is unbreakable.


Device for choice:
1.       Cleaning spray system.
2.       Nitrogen protection system.
3.       Outer hardware is stainliess steel.
4.       According to customers' requirement for anticorrosion, there are some material are supplied for option(SUS304,316,316L,321 and titanium).
5.       Base and shock absorber


Driving and braking:
1.       Explosion proof motor (general motor)+frequency changer+dynamic braking
2.       speed control electromagnetic motors+frictional manual braking device
Technical Data:
Rotor drum diameter(mm)3004506008001000
Rotary speed(r/min)2800170011831008965
Working volume(L)82045100140
Motor power(kw)1.11.535.511

The above is our technical data. We can also design and manufacture special specifications  upon customer's request.


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